Lugh Lamhfada, or Lugh Longhands, is the god of crafts and skills, and an equivalent of the Roman god Mercury. He is the son of Ethniu the Formor giantess and Cian, a minor solar deity.

When Balor, Lugh's maternal grandfather, stole the most valuable cow in the world from Cian, he seduced Balor's daughter to gain revenge. When Lugh was born, Balor was angry, since a druid foretold he would be killed by his grandson. Lugh was tossed in the sea but rescued by Manannan Mac Lir, his foster-father.

When Lugh went to the Tuatha De Danann's fort, where they were discussing how to rid the country from the Formorians who were taxing them ,the gatekeeper told him everyone who entered had to have a skill. Lugh named many skills. A sorcerer, carpenter, champion, cup-bearer, physician, etc. When the gatekeeper said they already had all those, Lugh asked if there was any who could do all of these skills.

Nuada stepped down from kingship in favor of Lugh, and was killed by Balor. However, Lugh, who managed to pass himself off as a normal soldier, shot Balor's eye right through his head where the deadly eye inflicted terror upon the Formorian host.

After a while of being king, Lugh went away and the Dagda was made the new king. Lugh lived quietly with his wives and was never seen again except by Conn of the hundred battles and his men.

Throughout the Celtic WorldEdit

Lugh is perhaps one of the most widespread deities in the Celtic world. In Wales, he is Lleu. In Gaul, he is Lugus. Inscriptions to him are even in Spain.

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